Cleveland Salary Report
Monday, 4/1/2013
Player Salaries:
NamePosSalaryThroughYears LeftNotesYears in Majors
R. Powell1B$8,100,00020131 years leftFree agent after this season!18 years
C. MccreaSS$2,442,85720131 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,700,000)4 years
F. JacksonLF$1,500,00020142 years left7 years
W. MintonSP$1,054,28620131 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,170,000)3 years
A. MaloyMR$900,00020153 years left7 years
J. ArenasMR$612,00020142 years left7 years
E. Viers3B$500,00020131 years leftFree agent after this season!8 years
S. TedfordSP$400,00020131 years leftFree agent after this season!6 years
D. DoyleMR$350,00020131 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $300,000)3 years
J. WhelchelCF$350,00020131 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $300,000), could become Free Agent with 143 more days of service this year.5 years
L. Zuņiga1B$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
J. MartinezRF$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
B. BrooksLF$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
P. RamirezMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
M. GossRF$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
O. AvendaņoMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
D. ValdezC $300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
A. KoeppSP$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
C. PearsallCF$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
B. Mcculley1B$300,00020131 years leftFree agent after this season!7 years
R. StackpoleMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
V. BibbyMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
E. CamargoC $300,00020131 years leftPossible Arbitration, 132 more days of service needed this year.2 years
A. VascoSP$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
C. AlmendarezSP$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.0 years
F. HerrerosMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
D. HaffeyMR$300,00020131 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
C. GomezSSMinor-League-Contract--1 years
J. Grimes2BMinor-League-Contract--2 years
G. FialaMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. CardonaSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Woolery1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Grondin3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
N. GraciaC Minor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!1 years
J. CalvertSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. KalerSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. HerreroSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. BixbyLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. UgarteSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. Estrada Jr.RFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. MitchellSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
D. HallSPMinor-League-Contract--2 years
V. VallesMRMinor-League-Contract--1 years
M. LeonRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. SandersSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
I. MooreSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. DaileyC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
K. WoodMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. MoncadaLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. Seibel1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. ValenzaRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. HeinerMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
O. VillalpandoSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. Velasquez1BMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
G. BoernerRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. TrevinoMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. SalazarSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
C. TrejoSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. GerthSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. GrayMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. HatfieldMRMinor-League-Contract--1 years
H. VandervortMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!9 years
J. Alva3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. HigaSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
K. SwaneyMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!7 years
J. ClawsonC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
J. MannersLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
F. PadillaMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. AraujoRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. PoughMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. MartinezLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. HansfordMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. TorresMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. Poythress3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. QuinonesLFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
J. Garduno3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. PfeifferMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. SalleeLFMinor-League-Contract--1 years
A. BuschMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
V. RamosSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. CarawayLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. HurtadoCFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!1 years
A. Moniz2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. Aparicio3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. LowellLFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
M. AmellMRMinor-League-Contract--Automatic Resign.0 years
B. HiranoSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
J. FulfordSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
M. KiyohiraCFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
M. ValverdeLFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
A. GutierrezLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. MendezRFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
L. Juhasz2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. DecaroSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. SchultzMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. RegisterSPMinor-League-Contract--2 years
J. FloryCLMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. MartinezSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!1 years
P. AbadSPMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
E. Abron1BMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
C. AngelesSSMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
M. PaezMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
J. Vizcaino3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. VanguilderMRMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
C. HortaLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. Gallego2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. MoyerMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
H. PanekMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. OrnelasRFMinor-League-Contract--Minor League FA next year!0 years
J. HedstromC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
B. CantuC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
M. HowlettSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
Extensions signed:

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